Hause of Bones

Hause of Bones was started in direct relation to our sarcastic minds.  Originally we set out to make some cool swag for the grooming salon and vet hospital that we both work for. Well, all the ideas we had were not suitable for “clients” to buy, mainly because we were making fun of them or the things they say all the time. Since we thought the ideas were good, we had to find the right audience to sell them to.  Thus the creation of Hause of Bones.  In general Lindsey is the creative one who makes the designs and Amanda handles the business end.  We both constantly write down ideas for new stickers and our supply of wit is seemingly endless. Our main goal is to bring joy to your day and get a few laughs. 


Howdy! I’m glad you swung by our website! If you can spare a second, I’d love to introduce myself! I’m Lindsey (obviously) and I have been working in dog grooming since 2015. I recently got into vet med to become a technician. I have always had a strong passion for animals and wanted to do any line of work that dealt with them. When I’m not at work you can find me riding horses, showing my dog, or snowmobiling. I’ll admit now, I can be socially awkward but trust me, I want to meet you and talk to you! (which I hope to do at some of our outings!)  I love nothing more than making peoples day a little bit better if I can help it!


Amanda’s true passion is travelling the world ( this picture was taken near Pisa, Italy) She does however have to fund her travels and alas has to work. Amanda has worked in the Veterinary field since 2003, working every position except DVM, and is now in management.  She started grooming in 2007 and owns her own salon.  On top of both of these pursuits she has several side hustles including a consulting business specializing in time management and incorporating grooming services into veterinary hospitals.  When not working she can be found on her boat or reading a book.